Ritual FC bursts from the shadows with a serpentine twist on what today’s self-styled football devotee wants to wear: on the streets; at work, in the pubs & clubs as well as on the hallowed terraces. 

In direct reaction to the trite, shite and nylon-rich mass-market alternatives, Ritual FC’s mission is to recapture the very essence of all it means to be devoted to the Beautiful Game – reclaiming this heartfelt passion for us; for the everyman, for the fan.

With a wry nod to the demonic contradictions all too familiar to any football fan:  the agony – the ecstasy; the hope – the fear: – Ritual FC offers a distinctive new look for today’s emerging football maverick. 

Celebrating these contradictions as foolishness of the highest order – not to be derided or ridiculed but to be worn as the badge of the utmost honour – Ritual FC welcomes this brave new breed of undiscovered football rebel into our club – the Ritual Fools Club.