Regional football is another world.

A million miles away from professional football, the essence of the game still survives, in its truest form, in rural areas.

Modern Football depicts both typical and unique matchday scenes from various regional football games in Aragón, Spain, whilst also giving voice to the people who continue to ensure the existence of football in small villages.

A club secretary, a team delegate, a coach, a player and a chairman from various clubs in the region share their view on the game and what it means to form part of it, highlighting the invaluable impact that the sport plays in their communities, where amateur football, despite getting little recognition, still acts as a focal point for social connection and engagement.

Here, the collective and welcoming nature of the game still thrives, and commercial gain is replaced by sacrifice, dedication and pride.

The documentary shows that there is still another side to the sport, which survives thanks to the anonymous and selfless dedication of people who still view the game in a different light. Where club players, personnel and fans are simply involved for the sheer love of it.