Introducing is a feature looking at a handpicked selection of magazines, fanzines, websites, blogs, teams, projects and individuals who produce great quality content on football and football culture. 
A return of our Introducing feature looks at Through The Turnstiles, the newest member of The Away End, who recently featured on our website with their piece looking at the history behind Derry City FC and the Troubles that devastated the city.
We speak to the three friends behind Through The Turnstiles who all share a similar love for the beautiful game. As they put it: “We are obsessed with the off-the-field happenings in football, in particular fan culture. We are also fascinated by how football has come to heavily impact society, politics, music, fashion and so much more.”
To someone who hasn’t heard of it, how would you describe Through The Turnstiles in one sentence?
TTT: A collection of stories that appeal to all of the football traditionalists out there, telling the stories that really matter in football.
What is the story behind the creation of the project?
TTT: We all knew each other from college and it quickly became apparent that yes we all love football, but we all also have a deeper love for football fan culture. We also all agreed that across social media these days football news is riddled with exaggerated clickbait headlines and reactive news stories focusing around what we deem as footballing topics of lesser importance; VAR debates, the latest sponsorship deals of football boots, inflated player wages, etc. We decided to start writing about the things that really matter in football; fans, history, culture, tradition.
What makes your project unique?

TTT: As previously alluded to we feel that we are one of few online publications writing about what we feel is really important in football. Take any article from our website and I challenge anyone to read it in its entirety and tell us they have not learned at least three new things about a certain footballing topic.  

Out of everything you have done through Through The Turnstiles so far, what are you most proud of/what has been your most enjoyable moment?

TTT: Our article about Parisian-based team Red Star FC was very well received online and it eventually reached the club itself. They interacted with the social media posts and sent us a private DM thanking us for writing the article. It is always nice to receive some recognition from the subject of one of your articles.

What next for Through The Turnstiles?

TTT: We are hoping to continue to grow our social media following, as well as to continue to churn out regular, high-quality writing. Post-pandemic we hope to get abroad to as many different cities as we can to sample a whole host of different matches and fan cultures, while getting some great photo and video content while on these trips.


Out of all the football websites, magazines, podcasts, projects out there, what are your personal favourites?

TTT: We all absolutely love Copa90 video series, in particular their Derby Days ones from around 2+ years ago. Eli and Tino are literally living every football fan’s dream doing what they do. ‘Mundial Mag‘ and ‘No Place Like Home‘ are two other great football magazines. While the ‘Outside Write‘ podcast is the best footballing podcast around, if you are interested in the kind of football topics that we write about.


To someone wanting to start up a similar project to yours, what would be your words of advice?

TTT: Just start writing. Find a topic you are interested in, get a pen and paper, and start researching. If you are unable or do not want to start up your own site or social media page that is fine, there are plenty of host sites out there who would be willing to publish your writing if it is of a high enough quality and fits in with the theme of their site / page. If you can consistently produce high-quality writing, like-minded readers will find their way to you eventually. Also, Rome was not built in a day, do not pack it in if you do not see the desired results early on.


If someone wanted to collaborate with you at Through The Turnstiles, how would you suggest they went about it?

TTT: Drop us a DM on social media; Instagram – @throughtheturnstiles or Twitter – @tt_turnstiles.