Introducing is a feature looking at a handpicked selection of magazines, fanzines, websites, blogs, teams, projects and individuals who produce great quality content on football and football culture. 
In the next instalment of our Introducing series, we speak to The Football Trimmings. Created and run by Richard Tester, 29, The Football Trimmings is a website focusing on the fringe topics of football from city guides to stadiums to kits, books and artwork, coupled with the aesthetic side on the project’s Instagram. Since his baptism into the world of football aged 9 at a Barnet vs. Hartlepool game, Richard has enjoyed exploring and travelling the world of football and football culture and this is an opportunity to share this with the wider football community.
They have also recently become a member of The Away End, featuring on our website with football city guides on Florence and Marseille already, whetting our appetite for post-lockdown travel plans.
To someone who hasn’t heard of it, how would you describe Football’s Finest in one sentence?
Richard Tester: The Football Trimmings focuses on the fringe topics of football, from stadiums to kits, city guides to fan experiences.
What is the story behind the creation of the project?
RT: After 20 odd years of watching games across Europe and beyond, I wanted to share this journey with the football community. I’ve always been fascinated by all the stuff that happens off the field, such as the fan culture and grounds, and the lockdown last year was a good opportunity to kickstart this adventure. There’s the aesthetic side of The Football Trimmings which is the Instagram page, whilst the blog on our website dives deeper into the game.
Do you remember what made you first fall in love with football, could you pin point it to a single moment?
RT: I can indeed. I vividly remember my first Barnet game aged about 9. The action on the pitch was pretty drab but it was the smell of the hamburgers, the fiery away fans (none other than the mighty Hartlepool United), the architecture of the sloping ground, the police presence, the tannoy announcements and the solid choice of pre-match music (‘Right here, right now’ – Fatboy Slim) that got me going. It all felt really special and after that, there was no turning back, especially after we equalised with practically the last kick of the game.
What makes your project unique?
RT: I’d like to think I can give a different take on it all. One week it’s all about the terrible state of Italian stadiums and the next it’s about the best kit sponsors. I also love my history and have seen the game change considerably in recent times, some for the better and some for the worst. This is reflected in some of our recent articles such as the rise of Red Bull and the City Football Group.
Out of everything you have done through The Football Trimmings so far, what are you most proud of/what has been your most enjoyable moment?
RT: Having my Florence and Marseille football city guides published on Box To Box! That aside, one of the most enjoyable things I’ve experienced so far has been finding and engaging with other football content creators. There are so many talented people out there producing great articles, taking great shots and designing cool artwork.
What next for The Football Trimmings?
RT: We recently started a new series called the ‘Sunday Sessions’ on IGTV. Every two weeks I’m bringing on my favourite content creators and discussing their projects and love for the sport. Long-term, I’d like to start a YouTube channel and film some documentaries.
Out of all the football websites, magazines, podcasts, projects out there, what are your personal favourites?
RT: These Football Times produce some fantastic magazines, I’ve got the Real Madrid and Marseille one at home, and No Place Like Home is great for fan culture. If I’m travelling somewhere, I’ll listen to the Outside Write podcast and The Gentleman Ultra have some great articles online on Italian football. 
If someone wanted to collaborate with you at The Football Trimmings, how would you suggest they went about it?
RT: Best bet would be to reach out to us on our Instagram page, @thefootballtrimmings
To someone wanting to start up a similar project to yours, what would be your words of advice?
RT: I’d say to find your niche and double down on it. If you’re struggling, start backwards and work out what you don’t want to write about or take photos of. Ultimately you want to focus on something you have a passion for and enjoy. Being savvy with social media and websites, in general, is also needed if you want to get noticed.