Introducing is a feature looking at a handpicked selection of magazines, fanzines, websites, blogs, teams, projects and individuals who produce great quality content on football and football culture. 
In the latest edition of our Introducing feature we speak to Football’s Finest – a new project hosting an outstanding collection of contributors, co-ordinated by Yorkshire-man, Bradley Jones. The team of contributors produce a wealth of fascinating in-depth features as part of incisive monthly adaptations of football’s finest cultures, having already featured insights into Argentina, Netherlands and this month’s exploration into the football stories of France, to name a few.
They have also recently become a member of The Away End, featuring on our website with stories on Cagliari and Calais RUFC so far.
To someone who hasn’t heard of it, how would you describe Football’s Finest in one sentence?
Bradley Jones: In our monthly adaptations of football’s finest cultures, we aim to explore all corners of the beautiful game extensively.
What is the story behind the creation of the project?
BJ: Having previously created football publications before, I realised it would take something unique to standout in a saturated market. I believed that publishing themed, magazine-esque content throughout the course of a month rather than all at once was somewhat of a gap in the market and decided to pursue that.
What makes your project unique?

BJ: We’re keen to provide insight into niche areas of football that are previously underexplored. There are so many incredible stories out there that have had next to no coverage, and I believe it is our responsibility to cover those as much as possible.

Do you remember what made you first fall in love with football, could you pin point it to a single moment?

If I could pin it on one moment, it would have to be the day Hull City were promoted to the third tier of English football in 2004. I would have only been five, but I vividly remember running between the lounge at my grandparents’ – where I was frantically flicking through the Teletext, and the kitchen – where my grandad had the commentary of Yeovil vs Hull playing through the radio. The tension and the angst culminating in euphoria when we scored our second goal, I had never experienced anything like it.


Out of everything you have done through Football’s Finest so far, what are you most proud of/what has been your most enjoyable moment?

BJ: Working with so many fantastic contributors and collaborating with Breaking the Lines. There are so many writers and publications that produce extremely high-quality content with relatively little exposure, and it is my goal to continue to work with others in order for everyone to deservedly succeed.

What next for Football’s Finest?

BJ: So far, we have only covered countries within our themes, but we are looking to branch out into more broader concepts in order to expand our content and hopefully the audience as well.


Out of all the football websites, magazines, podcasts, projects out there, what are your personal favourites?

BJ: There are a lot of fantastic projects out there at the minute and it’s exciting to follow their journeys. The ones I follow closest are These Football Times, who are the best at what they do in my opinion. First Time Finish is another I am fond of, their work is extremely underrated. As for podcasts, Ranks FC are incredibly insightful whilst being easy and enjoyable to listen to at the same time. I would recommend all three.


To someone wanting to start up a similar project to yours, what would be your words of advice?

BJ: Just go for it. The hardest part is starting out and you’ll only regret it the more that you delay it.


If someone wanted to collaborate with you at Football’s Finest, how would you suggest they went about it?

BJ: Drop me an email at or DM me on Twitter (@bradjonessport) with an example of any previous work you have done.