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This project is a labour of love and we have built a community of like-minded contributors over the last 5 years, writing and creating content for our loyal readership – but unfortunately, any contributions are unpaid.

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While we accept articles on an ad-hoc basis, we also run regular features on our website. For newer contributors, it’s a great way to get inspired by the catalogue of previous articles.

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Badge of the Week

Run by co-founder, Oliver Marsh, our Badge of the Week feature is an exploration into the wonderful world of football crests, and with 130 badges featured already – we’ve barely scratched the surface.


Started by Edd Norval in 2017, Clubkultur is a Box To Box series exploring the true essence of the beautiful game, a look at the intangible feelings that keep us coming back to support our club, no matter how they’re playing, no matter where. In Clubkultur, we explore the important cultural aspects of football clubs from all over the world, as our contributors see them.

Football’s Greatest Underdogs

From Leicester City in 2016 to North Korea in 1966, some of football’s finest moments are those which come in the most unpredictable fashion. Whether it be a title that shook the world or just a one-off match that briefly enamoured the millions of onlookers, football’s underdogs are what drive people to the sport. In this series started by Adam Khan, we look at some of football’s biggest upsets, showing us despite even the most outlandish odds, truly anything can happen on a football pitch.

Comeback Kings

Every fan, coach and player is familiar with that point of no return, the ripple of a net that signifies imminent and inescapable defeat. Yet once in a while, against all logic, the unthinkable does happen – a speculative long-range effort, a sudden dismissal or even force majeure can reignite the dreariest contests. And, be they before 95,000 pairs of eyes at the Camp Nou or on the shores of the Wirral peninsula, these spectacular renaissances have enthralled us all to the highest degree. In this series, created by Cameron Pope takes us on a nostalgic tour of football’s greatest comebacks, from the famous to the forgotten, allowing us to relive these tales of indefatigable resilience all over again.


Introducing is our feature looking at a handpicked selection of magazines, fanzines, websites, blogs, teams, projects and individuals who produce great quality content on football and football culture. We want to showcase the best work this community has to offer by hosting regular Q&As with projects across the globe.Artist In Residence

In Artist In Residence, we showcase the work of a specific artist over the course of a week and the stories behind the featured people and moments, as well as getting into conversation with the artist with a Q&A to kickstart the series.

The Mag

As you may know, we also produce an occasional print magazine, with previous themes including the 2002 World Cup, Stranger Things, The Rivalries and the Assorted History of the World Cup. Subscribe to our mailing list here to be notified of any plans and opportunities for future issues of the magazine.