The new collection from City Boys FC of Tokyo is inspired by the Red Menace that is Alexi Lalas.

Have you heard of Alexi Lalas?

If you haven’t, we’ll show you how great he is.

Alexi Lalas participated the football World Cup as a member of the national team of USA in 1994. As a defender, he showed world-class level skills, which later on led him to become the first American player in the Serie A whilst representing Calcio Padova.

When MLS started in 1996, he moved back to USA and played for several clubs. After he finished his career as a professional football player, he continued his career as a General Manager of LA Galaxy and he now works as a commentator.

While he was known as a great football player, he was (is still)  a professional rock musician. His unique style (red hair, moustached face, and 6ft3 frame) brought him a great fame and reputation.

City Boys FC represents this great football player and introduces their new collection, Red Menace.

The collection comprises of 3 items, all adorning and paying homage to Alexi Lalas:

  • Shirt

  • T-shirt

  • Tote bag

Images by 92’FC, a creative football club based in Tokyo.

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