The brink. The edge. The abyss. No matter which term you label it with, every fan, coach and player is familiar with that point of no return, the ripple of a net that signifies imminent and inescapable defeat. When the chips are down and hope is long gone, all but the hardiest of sides succumb to the inevitable, the one-sided scoreline gradually inflating in favour of the adversary.

Yet once in a while, against all logic, the unthinkable does happen – a speculative long-range effort, a sudden dismissal or even force majeure can reignite the dreariest contests. And, be they before 95,000 pairs of eyes at the Camp Nou or on the shores of the Wirral peninsula, these spectacular renaissances have enthralled us all to the highest degree.

In this series, Cameron Pope takes us on a nostalgic tour of football’s greatest comebacks, from the famous to the forgotten, allowing us to relive these tales of indefatigable resilience all over again.