Issue 6: Premier League at 25

Back in February 1992, chairmen of the clubs in football’s top division sat around a table at the English Football Association’s headquarters at Lancaster Gate. What was to transpire within those gilded halls was to forever change football in England and beyond. There are very few events that have genuine history-dividing connotations, true before and after moments. The decision of the top tier clubs to break away from the Football League and form their own top flight is certainly one such moment. Football as we know it today was born.

Inspired by Greg Richardson’s article ‘25 Years On: Has the Premier League been good for football?‘, Issue 6 of the Box To Box magazine will be taking a look at the 25 seasons worth of football which have taken place since.

From the defining and iconic moments to new rules and tactics, cult players, managers, fans, culture, grounds and stadia, the goals, red cards, kicks and kits, no-nonsense defenders and clinical strike partnerships we aim to define what the Premier League’s first quarter century has meant for us so far.

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