Over the last five years, we’ve shone a light on all corners of the footballing world from Sicily to Neunkirchen to Táchira and Daegu – trying to showcase the stories that don’t get the attention they deserve from the mainstream media, but now it’s time to take a trip to a specific region.

In our new Destination series, we want to go on a journey, an exploration of the region’s history, culture and of course, football. We’re looking for writers, artists and photographers to go on this journey with us.

And the location of our first Destination series?


Located on the south coast of Spain, Andalucía is the only European region with both Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines and with its culturally diverse mishmash of Moorish influence, Roman relics and rustic Spanish charm coupled with the astounding nature with mountains and rivers and gorgeous coastline, it is understandably one of the most visited regions in Iberia.

Andalucía is the focus of our first in the series, but the perspective you choose is completely up to you. Whether it’s a story about the fierce rivalry between Sevilla and Betis or a story on another club from the region from Granada to Málaga, Cádiz and Almería to Córdoba, Huelva and more – we want to hear your stories. For the first time, we’re also happy to veer away from football if you want to take us on a journey through the region’s history, culture or paint a picture of travelling there.

We’d love to hear your stories on the region and if you’re interested in submitting an article for the series, please drop us an email at contribute@boxtoboxfootball.uk.

The deadline for submissions is Thu, 15th April 2021. This project is a labour of love and we have built a community of like-minded contributors, writing and creating content for our loyal readership – but unfortunately, any contributions are unpaid.

Take us to Andalucía.

As part of this, we are also taking our first steps into film with a new short video documentary we are putting together on Granada. The video is part of our Clubkultur series exploring the true essence of the beautiful game, a look at the intangible feelings that keep us coming back to support our club, no matter how they’re playing, no matter where.

If you’re interested in getting involved, whether you’re a fan of Granada CF, Spanish football journalist, illustrator, animator, photographer or have experience in video production, please drop us an email at contribute@boxtoboxfootball.uk.

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