Box To Box Football was created 5 years ago out of a love of football, art, design and culture and a desire to provide something alternative to the clickbait, 200-word match reports and endless transfer rumours, looking at the stories which we felt deserved more attention.

From something that started as a passion project, it has transformed into a supportive community and served as a springboard for aspiring writers and illustrators who are looking for a potential career in the sports industry. Our contributors have gone on to appear in other publications such as; The Guardian, FourFourTwo, The Blizzard, These Football Times, COPA90, No Place Like Home, The Football Pink, Mundial and In Bed with Maradona. The contributions of these people have been the cornerstone of our output whether that is the website, social media, products or our unique print magazine.

As we come out of a hibernation of sorts, we are looking forward to 2021 and expanding the concept. We are looking for people who want to join the team in a variety of roles to help with the direction and running of Box To Box. This project has always been a labour of love, and whilst we’re unable to offer any remuneration, you would become a key part of Box To Box and help shape its future.

This is an opportunity for individuals wanting to explore football culture or gain experience in football media whether that is writing, illustration, graphic design, videography, podcasting, content creation, social media or marketing.

We are looking to fit your skills and experience into a specific role within the management team at Box To Box. Let us know what kind of role you believe you would fit, whether that is a content manager, features editor, social media manager, outreach coordinator, contributing a regular feature or something else entirely.

To apply for a position, email us at outlining why you feel you’d be a good fit for the team at Box To Box, what role you would fulfil and the vision you see for us in 2021.

Deadline: 18th January 2021.

(For contributing on an ad-hoc basis with writing, illustration or other content, please sign up here.)