800_o_1akhe0vcb199qbv5d416evn6aEuro 2016 is nearly upon us and after three weeks of hard work we have managed to put together a European Championships Special magazine.

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  • Roy Hodgson feature
  • The history of the European Championships
  • Location, location, location
  • Euro 2016 team previews
    – Every team covered
    Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 18.50.03– Predictions
    – Star men and ones to watch
    – The stories behind the teams
  • Scotland’s redemption on the horizon
  • Kosovo’s historic moment

– Le Tour Des Stades
– When Greece was the word
– Euro 2012 rewind
– Badge of the Week
– Phases of Play: Group Stage

When Greece was the word – John WarringtonPicture1

“Only Joan correctly predicted Greece before the tournament started. In the predominantly testosterone filled environs of the FSTV Euro 2004 production office Joan was our studio production assistant. Her knowledge of football was limited to being the ex-wife of a 1970’s top-flight football chairman. She also confessed to being chased for her favours by two well-known (and married) former professional footballers. But that’s another story.

As one of the few ladies in the team, she got first pick in the sweepstake. Most of us laughed when without hesitation, she chose Greece. The reason she gave for doing so was her daughter once lived there. Had you asked Joan the colours Greece played in, she wouldn’t have had a clue.” Buy here to read the full article.

Scotland’s redemption on the horizon by Ben Delaney

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 18.34.58“Jealousy can stem from anywhere, be it a friend buying a new car, phone, or more relatable for Scottish football fans, a glamourous, exotic holiday. For eighteen years the Tartan army have peered over Hadrian’s wall and watched with an envious eye as, biannually, fans of England pack up their replica tops and head to far off climes in search of glory. This tournament will be so much more infuriating, with our other neighbours Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland all booking their places. For a Scottish football fan it feels like exam results day, we have opened our big brown envelope yet received nothing but bad news, the feeling of despair intensified as your pals get in touch informing you of their straight A’s.” Buy here to read the full article.

Kosovo’s historic moment by Ross Highfield

Picture2“The sporting map of the Balkans has changed beyond recognition in the past 25 years, with first the fall of communism and then the many conflicts in the region seeing the geopolitical map of the area repeatedly redrawn.

The Yugoslavia national football team was still in existence in the 1990s, before Croatia, Albania and other constituent nations sought political as well as sporting independence. Serbia-Montenegro competed at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, before Montenegro followed suit and broke away from Serbia later that year. From 2016 onwards, UEFA now has a new member in the region: Kosovo.” Buy here to read the full article.

The Cristiano Ronaldo countdown by Francisco Cardoso Pinto

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 18.34.10“Tiago’s, Meireles’, Danny’s, Carvalho’s and even Moutinho’s time is officially over. If the Portuguese don’t want to wake up one day and realise Ronaldo’s time is also over, the time to make the changes is now! So, please, Mr. Santos! From one Portuguese to another: give the kids a chance! Ronaldo’s clock is ticking…” Buy here to read the full article.