SexyPoxyt__FinlandSometimes you come across a team that defies convention, sometimes you come across a team that just raises an eyebrow or two… and then sometimes you come across a team like SexyPöxyt. This uniquely named (and badged) club was formed in 1985 in an area of Espoo called Laaksolahti in Finland.

The club began on a shoestring budget, creating home-made brown shirts from scratch for their first games. As is obvious by the name this is a club that isn’t afraid to stand out, describing on their website a reliance on the confidence and spirit of their young players, and their ability to work together – known in Finnish as the ‘Pöxyhenki’. As for the football in the shorts that makes their memorable badge? Well, researching this subject makes your internet search history look a little strange, but I’ve found that some English sites have SexyPöxyt translated as ‘sexy pants’; that sure is one confident boast to wear on your chest every weekend! They currently play in the Finnish Third Division, which has a number of sections within it but remarkably contains 104 teams in total.