One of the most striking badges in international football comes from the land of the Aztec. This crest tells the story of a nation in the small amount of space it has to work with – starting with the colours. The red, white and green reflect that of the Mexican flag, a tricolour as it is known by locals. Also reminiscent of the flag is an eagle, which is perched on top of an Aztec calendar – a reference to the ancient history of the country.

Appearing prominently on the badge is an old-school Adidas Telstar football design. You see this iconic ball across many badges; but if anyone deserves to wear it as their own, Mexico’s national team have a good claim. The Telstar football was first used at a World Cup as the official match ball in the Mexico-hosted World Cup in 1970. This is because the black-and-white panels on the ball made it far more visible on black-and-white televisions.

Recently the words ‘Pasión’ and ‘Orgullo’ have been incorporated into the badge, meaning ‘Passion’ and ‘Pride’. Last week Mexico were drawn against Germany, Sweden and South Korea in the group stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup – and next summer the world will see just how well the words ‘pasion’ and ‘pride’ epitomise this football team.