Melbourne_City_FC.svgIt would be fair to note that this badge from Australia is high on exposition. In fact, it manages to cram pretty much every detail of the club history and surrounding area into it. Melbourne City FC were formed in 2009 under the name ‘Melbourne Heart’, but in 2014 they were bought by the City Football Group and re-branded. Sound familiar? That’s because the City Football Group also control Manchester City F.C. in the UK and New York City F.C. in the USA. This goes some way to explaining the similarities in shape and imagery that this Melbourne City effort has with the traditional Manchester City badges. But that still doesn’t fully explain everything that’s going on here – just what does it all mean?

The red and white colours in the centre, along with the crown, reference the heritage of Melbourne and its historical ties to the UK – the red and white colours also link nicely to the history of the club itself, as when they were still Melbourne Heart they wore red and white. The hearts that can be seen on the left and right of the badge also reference the club’s former self.

But what of the various animals that fill the badge? The sheep in the top left is based on an Australian Merino that is common in the state of Victoria that Melbourne is in. On the top right is a bull, based on the Hosltein breed that remains crucial to the Victorian diary industry, and in the bottom left there is also a Southern Right Whale which is regularly seen off the coast of Victoria. As if all this isn’t enough, in the bottom right you can the same ship that features on the Manchester City badge. One question though – with all these elements included on the Melbourne badge, were none of the creative team left to help out in New York?