lincoln_city_2014It is Halloween today and, depending on your age, you will no doubt be spending it either trick-or-treating on the hunt for the chocolate, or recovering from a weekend filled with drunken themed parties. To commemorate this most unholy of holidays, today we bring you a badge with a spooky history.

Formed in 1884, Lincoln City F.C. have come to be known as ‘The Imps’. Their current badge is a reflection of this, with the good-looking chap on my left adorning the red-and-white striped shirts of Lincoln City week in, week out. This nickname comes from a local legend that dates back over 600 years…

According to this legend, two imps were sent by Satan to Earth in order to wreak havoc across Northern England. A key stop of this hellish tour was Lincoln Cathedral, where the two imps indulged in tripping up the Bishop and smashing up the place like an ugly pair of lads on tour. An angel is said to have appeared and turned one of the imps to stone, allowing the other to escape. The stone imp of the tale is identified as the one now seen in Lincoln cathedral to this day, while some say that the winds around the cathedral on even still days is the second imp returning to search for his friend.

Perhaps it is just a myth, but the Lincoln City badge and its eerie origins clearly spooked Chester F.C. over the weekend, as they were beaten by The Imps 5-2 at home on Sunday. Currently sitting 2nd in the National League table, only time will tell how much teams will come to fear Lincoln City F.C. this season.

From everyone at Box to Box Football, we hope you all enjoy Halloween!