heart_of_midlothian_fc_logo-svgHeart of Midlothian F.C., commonly known as Hearts, are our latest Badge of the Week, coming the day before Valentine’s Day sweeps through the heart of all our bank accounts. The team are based in Gorgie in the west of Edinburgh, and currently sit fourth in the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership table.

The club badge has a not-so-romantic origin, having been based on the Heart of Midlothian mosaic located on the famous Royal Mile in the Old Town of Edinburgh. The heart represents the position of a 15th-century Old Tolbooth, which was the administrative centre of the town, a grim and infamous prison, and one of several sites of public execution. The site was demolished in 1817 but never forgotten, as remarkably there is a long history of locals spitting in the heart as a protest against this spot’s grisly past nature… Perhaps the Hearts team more than any other have an excuse for the players spitting during their matches – it’s basically tradition after all!