Our first Badge of the Week for 2019 comes from Hartlepool United F.C., a team blessed with some extraordinary backstories.

Hartlepool United formed 111 years ago, but their badge is a very recent addition to the club. In 2017, a new crest was adopted after much consultation with commercial partners and the club fanbase. Crucial to this striking emblem is the stag or ‘hart’ in the centre, an animal traditionally linked to Hartlepool. It also emphasises the founding year of the club – 1908.

Another fascinating aspect of Hartlepool F.C. to explore is its mascot. Its name is H’Angus The Monkey

To this day, Hartlepool locals are known by some as the ‘monkey hangers’. This is due to a truly remarkable legend stemming back to the early 19th century. According to folklore, during the Napoleonic Wars a shipwrecked monkey was found by the people of Hartlepool – and hanged because they believed him to be a French spy!

Centuries later a monkey mascot roams around Hartlepool United home games at Victoria Park, with the name ‘H’Angus’ adopted as a play on words to reference this local legend.

You may be surprised to know that the story gets even weirder… In 2002, H’Angus the Monkey was actually elected mayor of Hartlepool! Amongst his campaign promises, there was even a pledge to give free bananas to every schoolchild.

With everything that’s been going on at Manchester United recently, talk has been going on about player power… but what do we make of the mascot power displayed here??

Thank you to my other half Liz Manning – the surprise source for this story!