greenland_football_association-svgThere are few better examples of the global appeal of football than the Greenland national football team. In a bitterly cold country that is the least densely populated in the world, on a huge island of which three quarters is permanently covered in an ice sheet… football has found a way to thrive.

The national team is made up of players from the national league, playing their games in 2,000 seat capacity Nuuk stadium, named after the capital city of Greenland in which it resides. It is a multi-purpose sporting arena where people even sit on the rock surrounding the pitch to watch their teams play. As a whole Greenland has a population of around 56,000 people, but incredibly there is an average of 0.03 people per square kilometer there – something to bear in mind next time you feel like you’re struggling to get numbers together for a 5-a-side session in the park.

In the habitable areas of the island such as Nuuk, people play the beautiful game surrounded by beautiful scenery unmatched by anything we have to offer in the United Kingdom. Players like Robert Pires have given Greenland a go for a match, and the Football Association of Greenland continue to try and attain the eligibility to compete in international tournaments and become officially recognised by FIFA. In the meantime Greenland play most of their matches against the Faroe Islands and Iceland, and have also taken on English island teams such as Guernsey.

The badge of the national team shows the island of Greenland. The lack of scale comparison doesn’t do its incredible size justice though – Greenland is over eight times the size of the entire United Kingdom!