It’s not often that a football crest can make you crave a hearty pub meal. But this week’s Badge of the Week does just that with an amateur side from Portland.

Portland is a city that’s proud of being weird, and the newly started Avery Dennison Toffee League is arguably the beautiful game’s weirdest league on the planet.

The people behind the conception of the amateur league, Toffee Club, a proudly English football pub in South-East Portland, are striving to build a community around a shared love of good football, good food, good drinks and good people. And with the help of Avery Dennison and Common Goal, it is Portland’s answer to Paris’ Le Ballon Football League – just a little more weird.

The league showcases the very best of the city’s creativity, eccentricity, and character through the beautiful game and none more so than Fish & Chips FC. And no-one can better describe the side than Fish & Chips FC themselves –

From the English seaside to the banks of the Williamette

We’ve been battering, frying, and serving up our Transatlantic competition for years now.

Subsisting on a steady diet of pints and packets of crisps, we’re scallies-turned-hipsters ready to take on the Portland soccer scene —— and we’re going to have a laugh doing it.

We were raised with the beautiful game in England’s North West and are bringing our brand of it to America’s North West.

With crisp passing, crunching tackles, and a little salty language thrown in every now and again, we’re going for gold…

But, after the match, we’re the first with a pint —— and we’ve got one for you, too.

Fish & Chips FC… beer-battered football.