For the most part, the badge of the high flying FC Barcelona is easy to explain. At the bottom there are the colours of the Barcelona kit, while on the top right sits the Catalan flag. But on the top left there is something that may at first seem a little odd… St George’s Cross. For many this is the flag of England, something waved by the home fans at Wembley Stadium. Why does this Spanish club have a St George’s Cross on its crest too?

Well, as it turns out, St George is the patron saint of both England and Catalonia – and as a result the same cross can be seen on the FC Barcelona kit. But interestingly, St George’s Day (April 23rd) takes on a rather different meaning in Catalonia – it is a day of books and roses in an almost Valentines-esque fashion. This is in commemoration of the legend of St George killing a dragon to save a princess, wherein the princess was presented with a red rose which sprouted from the blood of the slayed beast.

FC Barcelona may have been the Badge of the Week this week, yet if you look closer around Europe you will find that a few other teams have adopted the St George cross too. Among them, AC Milan and Genoa C.F.C.! But as Mark Twain once said, “There is no such thing as a new idea”.