Big Sam’s boys may have come second in the Merseyside derby against Liverpool last Friday, but it is Everton Football Club who will be the first Merseyside club badge on Box To Box Football.

The badge is emblazoned with the Latin motto of Everton F.C. – ‘Nil Satis, Nisi Optimum’, which translates to ‘Nothing but the best is good enough’. The key feature at the centre of the badge was added in 1938 – the Everton Lock-Up Tower, sometimes known as Prince Rupert’s Tower. The Tower was originally built to hold anyone disturbing the peace of the village. Alongside the Tower there once stood Molly Bushell’s renowned Toffee Shop on Netherfield Road South – suggested as the likely origin for the club’s unusual nickname, ‘The Toffees’.

A striking badge to start the year, but for Everton fans would the biggest story be the club buying a new striker in this month?