Crystal Palace F.C. have been back in the Premier League since 2013, and the club dates back 108 years further than that. The badge of this London team has been refined and perfected over the decades, and it now incorporates two crucial elements to create an iconic aesthetic.

First is the eagle, something that was inspired by the popular Portuguese club, S.L. Benfica. This addition in the 1970s led to Crystal Palace changing its nickname from ‘The Glaziers’ to ‘The Eagles’ – a nickname the club still goes by today. The bird itself appears on match days in the form of Kayla, an American bald eagle with a bizarre life story. Quite unbelievably, the mascot of Crystal Palace has survived attacks from rival fans, and even appeared on the cover of a Kings of Leon album. Seriously, this bird alone is well worth reading about.

The second crucial element to this crest is the building that the eagle perches on. This building was in fact named The Crystal Palace – a giant glass-and-iron exhibition hall originally in Hyde Park with the purpose of housing the Great Exhibition of 1851. This was a giant display of culture and industry that was a popular event in the United Kingdom at the time. The giant structure was taken down and rebuilt in the borough of Bromley, where it remained until 1936. Though the structure no longer exists in physical form, it lives on at Selhurst Park through the badge of Crystal Palace Football Club.