The striking crest of Corby Town F.C. owes its appearance to the history of Corby itself. This town in Northamptonshire has been renown in the past for its steel industry, a connection emphasised in many aspects of the football team.

First and foremost, the badge. Designed in 2008 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the club, the man on the right is a reference to the Steelman statue found in Corby Town centre. The statue has a plaque under it, in honour of the Corby men and women who worked at Stewarts & Lloyds on the secret Pluto project during the Second World War. Pluto stands for ‘Pipelines Under the Ocean’ – and pipelines made at Corby steelworks supplied fuel to the Allies’ invading forces after the D-Day landings.

Not only that, the club are known as ‘The Steelmen’, and they play their games at Steel Park – competing in the Northern Premier League Division One South. Evidently, this here is a club that knows its history.