Burton_Albion_FC1_logo.svgEnglish team Burton Albion F.C. are notable for having almost the opposite of the Badge of the Week we looked at last Monday. Both go for yellow and black colouring but therein the similarities end. While the former featured a Greek God, this could be seen to represent the everyday man, or at least the appearance of your average Joe playing football. Not an Adonis flexing his muscles, but someone with a big belly trying to kick the ball and skying it like Peter Kay in those old adverts for John Smith’s. And it’s an absolutely brilliant badge for it.

Burton Albion F.C. are known as the Brewers because of the famous brewing heritage of the area that goes back hundreds of years. They are competing in League One, having been promoted from League Two last year – earlier this year we looked at their unlikely bid for promotion to the Championship, and they continue to surprise everyone with their tenacity this season.


The infamous badge of the South Road Scorpions Rugby 7s team of 2012

This has to be one of my personal favourite badges in football because while many clubs try to present an air of grandeur with crests that look more like Royal Standards, or an element of fear with an animal of some kind, this badge unapologetically reminds me of what most of us look like when we try to kick a ball about in the park, beer gut and all. A club for the people then, with a badge that represents the people watching. We tried a similar trick for our Rugby 7s badge at University, using a cropped photo of one of our mates drunk off his face on Saint Patrick’s Day. You could even argue he was our mascot in the end, so perhaps we were representing our fans with our badge too. I think the effort of the Brewers was much more successful though, no?