as_roma_logo_2013-svgAnd so we come to the final team in our European badge tour in honour of the Six Nations rugby tournament which finishes this coming weekend. We began with the English side of White Hart Lane, and we finish here with an Italian side who play their games at the Stadio Olimpico. While it is a shame that A.S. Roma don’t compete in the Coliseum, they have certainly been keeping the Roman locals entertained for almost 90 years.

The iconic badge of A.S. Roma references one of the most famous myths in the world: that of Romelus and Remus, and the founding of Rome. The badge shows the aforementioned twin babies with the she-wolf who saved them after they were  thrown into the River Tiber by their uncle Amulius. Romelus and Remus later took revenge on their uncle, before Romelus killed his brother. He then became king and had a new city named in his honour; the city of Rome.