To the uninitiated, the badge of Watford Football Club quickly raises a fundamental question. Why does the Premier League team who calls itself ‘The Hornets‘ have a crest showing what appears to be a moose head? Well, it turns out that the ‘moose’ is actually a hart… but we’ll get to that later.

Formed in 1881, Watford F.C. played in a blue kit for a significant portion of their early history. However in the late 1950s they switched to the gold shirts that we are familiar with today, and with that came a nickname that stuck: The Hornets.

For decades, the club’s badge was that of a hornet too. But in 1978 the hornet crest was replaced by a hart – a male red fallow deer that represents the club’s location in the county of Hertfordshire (whose coat of arms also show harts). Thankfully the hornet lives on in the popular club mascot Harry The Hornet, who has patrolled the sidelines at Vicarage Road for decades!