The Premier League returns this weekend after what feels like an age (two weeks), and this week also sees the return of Badge of the Week! This time we look at the established Premier League outfit of Southampton F.C., who take on rivals A.F.C. Bournemouth this Saturday afternoon.

Southampton’s badge takes inspiration from their religious roots. The club was first formed in 1885 by members of the St. Mary’s Church Young Men’s association – and to this day the halo at the top of the badge helps to remind fans of this link to the church. Plus, their ‘Saints’ nickname drops a pretty decent hint. Elsewhere on the crest there is a tree to represent New Forest – referencing the area where the club is based.

This iconic badge has been in place at Southampton F.C. since the 1970s – although there was a great April Fools joke in 2016 concerning the badge that likely sent Saints fans into meltdown. Fun fact: this recent failed effort from Leeds United F.C., on the other hand, was not a prank.