Our Badge of the Week today comes from San Marino – a team you will often see receiving a bit of a thrashing in the qualifying stages for a major tournament.

Their team badge however is a regal beauty to behold – taking inspiration from the Republic’s Coat of Arms. The three towers visible in the centre represent the three citadels of San Marino (La Guaita, La Cesta and La Montale), standing tall on hills that symbolise the three summits of Monte Titano. Meanwhile, the oak and laurel branch surrounding the centre represent the stability of the republic and the defence of the liberty.

What’s more, San Marino are rather special in that they are a landlocked international football team, completely surrounded by one other international team – Italy. One for a pub quiz: there are two other nations that are geographically surrounded on all sides by one country – Vatican City, which is also completely inside Italy. And lastly a landlocked kingdom from which a former Badge of the Week, Matlama FC, originates – Lesotho, which is entirely surrounded by South Africa.