It was Thanksgiving last week, so this Monday we look at a team from across the pond. Plying their trade in the Californian city of San Francisco is a club with a fantastic abbreviated name: S.F.C.F.C.

The team began competing in the San Francisco Soccer Football League (SFSFL) in 2002 – a men’s semi-professional and amateur soccer league. Starting life in the bottom tier, SF City FC quickly worked their way through to the league’s highest level by 2012. Most importantly, SF City FC pride themselves on being a club that is owned by supporters.

The badge of SF City FC incorporates some of the iconic pieces of engineering found in San Francisco. To the left, the Golden Gate bridge can be seen, while in the centre there is the Transamerica Pyramid from the San Franciscan Financial District. Finally on the right lies the Sutro Tower – a 298 metre tall TV and radio antenna tower located on a hill between Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro.