The story behind the simple and yet distinctive badge of Portsmouth F.C. is said to date back almost a thousand years.

The City of Portsmouth’s official coat of arms contains an eight-pointed gold star and crescent moon on a blue shield, which we see represented in the Portsmouth F.C. badge today. This star and crescent are believed to have come from King Richard I, otherwise known as Richard the Lionheart, who ruled England from 1189-1199. In 1194, the King granted Portsmouth, “a crescent of gold on a shade of azure, with a blazing star of eight points”, which he had taken from the Byzantine Emperor’s standard of Governor Isaac Komnenos, after capturing Cyprus.

Portsmouth F.C. was itself formed in 1898, although the badge wasn’t incorporated until 1913. In the past few years, the club has utilised two iterations of the badge design – one for the team shirts, and the second for developing other commercial and merchandising opportunities. While Portsmouth currently competes in League One, the third tier of English football, it has been the top tier League Champions of England twice – in 1948/49 and 1949/50.