This week, we have to give absolute kudos to the Indonesian football team known as Persebaya Surabya. As you can see in the picture on the left, they have transformed the club badge on social media platforms to reflect the current times, sending an important message out to the fans.

But behind the mask, what is the story of the badge?

The green-and-yellow crest is tied to a local legend in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city. Here there is a folkloric tale detailing a titanic battle between Sura, a great white shark, and Baya, a crocodile.

Some sources say that the two animals were often friendly to each other, but the desire to obtain all the food resources in the area would lead to an almighty fight. The location of this tussle is said to be present-day Surabaya, with the animals becoming a symbol of the city.

This eventually carried over to the football team, which was founded in 1927. Often this popular Eastern Javenese club are simply known as Persebaya, but their full name is Perserikatan Sepakbola Surabaya – translating as the Football Association of Surabaya.