Currently sitting second in the South Africa Premier Division is the team known as Orlando Pirates. Nicknamed the Buccaneers, the club with this very cool badge have a history extending back over eighty years.

It all began in 1934 with a small group of teenagers who decided to form a football team at the multi-sport Orlando Boys Club. They proved to be a talented bunch, and were encouraged by a boxing instructor known as ‘Pele Pele’ at the Club. Soon a team was competing in a minor division of the Johannesburg Bantu Football Association, playing barefoot and without official kit or colours.

In 1939 the boys decided to break away from the Orlando Boys Club. Pele Pele dubbed the boys ‘amapirate’, and from there the name of the Orlando Pirates was born. Their badge was based on the popular pirate movies of the time, and from these humble beginnings the club has grown to become one of the biggest in South Africa!