From the Edinburgh of the South last week, we head over 18,000 kilometres away to the OG Edinburgh… in order to look at the badge of Hibernian F.C.

The club was formed in 1875 by Irishmen living in the Cowgate area of Edinburgh. Often known as ‘Hibs’, the name ‘Hibernian’ is derived from Hibernia – an ancient Roman name for Ireland. The Irish connection is also reflected in the club’s badge – with a harp representing Ireland, along with a ship for the Port of Leith, and Edinburgh Castle displayed at the bottom.

Hibernian F.C. have won the Scottish league championship four times, most recently in 1952. Their main rival is fellow Edinburgh team Heart of Midlothian F.C. (often known simply as ‘Hearts’) – and the derby match between the two clubs is one of the oldest rivalries in world football.