Siddis SportsklubbWhilst pink may not be synonymous with conventional male-oriented football colours, in 2005 a sports club founded in Stavanger dared to be different. Known as FC Show or “The Boys In Pink” the football branch of Siddis Sportsklubb proudly play in a bright pink kit. The badge quite literally depicts that as fans, football is handed to us on a silver platter. As women, we like to see a football team that challenges the norm with a more appealing colour and unconventional badge.

Even though the team competes in the fourth tier of Norwegian football, ambitious chairman, Øyvind Sørensen, aims for the team to play in the Champions League Quarter Finals within ten years time. Undeterred by their average performances on the pitch, their dedication to numerous charitable ventures such as naked calendars and pop songs are second to none.

Although I have no idea what they’re singing about, a club like FC Show seems to be just what British football is missing.