Our latest Badge of the Week takes us to the spirited boys from Brazil, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. 

Over a century ago, five railway workers went to watch a touring English football team play a match in Brazil. This team from London was known as Corinthian F.C..

In the Brazil of 1910, football was an elitist sport – where the major clubs were formed by members of the upper classes. But in the aftermath of this particular match, the five railway workers were inspired to form their own team – naming it in honour of the touring side from London.

Fast forward to the present day, and Corinthians is one of the most successful sides in Brazilian history – with 7 national titles, 3 Copa do Brasil trophies, and a record 30 São Paulo State championships. Even more impressively, the club is among the most widely supported sides in the world, as well as being one the most valuable clubs in the Americas.

Thanks to the work of modernist painter Francisco Rebolo in 1939, the impressive team badge has incorporated the Paulo State flag, along with rope, paddles, and an anchor in order to acknowledge the club’s additional success in water sports.