Having previously looked at Santa Claus fanatics in Finland, and Rudolph lookalikes in the United Kingdom (who embraced the resemblance with gusto!), this year we turn to the festive-sounding Christmas Island football team.

Christmas Island is an Australian external territory in the Indian Ocean, comprising around 1,500 people. Captain William Mynors of the Royal Mary passed the island and named it on Christmas day in 1643.

This small community has occasionally taken on sister island Cocos Keeling in a game of football. On those occasions, the team has donned a variety of badges, such as the one we see here. The badge shows Christmas Island itself on the left, and on the right is a red crab – the species of land crab that is endemic to Christmas Island and Cocos Islands.

On behalf of everyone at Box to Box Football, we wish you a very Happy Holidays!