From the Mediterranean island of Sicily comes the intriguing badge of Calcio Catania. At first glance the ratios of its design seem somewhat peculiar – an elephant and crest on the right are dwarfed by a considerably larger old football on the left. But, as ever, there is method behind the madness.

The red and blue crest colours match the home kit of the Sicilian team, while the elephant likely references the city of Catania’s nickname: ‘The City of the Elephant’. On Piazza del Duomo there is a famous elephant statue made from volcanic rock, thought to have been sculpted during the Roman era. Sicilian legends meanwhile even suggest that ‘dwarf elephants’ once roamed the island in ancient times.

Calcio Catania currently ply their trade in Serie C, the third tier of the Italian football league system – although the club competed in Serie A as recently as 2014.