Inspired by the emblems of the local area, football clubs often have animals adorning the club crest, from the city of Liverpool’s liver bird to the history of breeding canaries in Norwich and to the stag on Watford’s badge. Located roughly 10 miles northeast of Newcastle sits the village of Bedlington that follows the same trend and plays host to the Bedlington Terriers FC.

If it wasn’t for the team name, at first glance you may mistake the terrier for a young lamb, but instead, the Bedlington Terrier is a unique breed of dog developed in the early 19th century that stands proudly on the club crest. Following investment from an American billionaire in 2010, the Terriers took on an all-animal friendly match against FC Buffalo in the “Lord Bedlington Cup” which led to coverage from the BBC with a documentary on the story, Mr Rich and the Terriers.

In addition to the lamb-like pooch, the club’s motto sits on a banner across the badge, “Virtus Unita Fortis” which can be translated to, “United We Act Stronger”. And above the Latin phrase, the flag of Northumberland sits alongside a note to Bedlington’s mining past with the silhouette of Bedlington Colliery.