A new week brings another eye-catching badge, this time from Saudi Arabia in the form of Al-Wehda FC (who incidentally, I discovered while recently playing FIFA 21).

In the past we’ve seen badges that are arguably reminiscent of Pokémon characters – from Scotland all the way to the Philippines… but Al-Wehda FC surely takes the biscuit on that front. A fierce Onix-meets-Ponyta-meets-Gyarados is the main feature visible on the crest, part of a new design that was initially met with some social media backlash when the club first unveiled it. This memorable and stylised effort was aimed at a new generation of fans, and the club Instagram page even has the fiery dragon wearing a mask to reflect the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Al-Wehda was formed in 1945 as a multi-sports club team in Mecca. The football section was recently promoted to the Saudi Premier League, having won the second division title on four occasions. They play their home games at the 38,000 seat capacity King Abdul Aziz Stadium.