Verona is so much more than the city of Romeo and Juliet – it is also home to ‘The Flying Donkeys’ of A.C. ChievoVerona!

This unusual nickname originated from the insults of their footballing crosstown rivals, Hellas Verona, who won the Serie A in 1985 whilst ChievoVerona were in the 5th tier. They mocked A.C. ChievoVerona, saying that ‘donkeys would fly’ before the club ever got promoted to the top tier of Serie A (similar to the English phrase, ‘when pigs fly’). But A.C. ChievoVerona would go on to wear the insult as a badge of honour, coupled with their eye-catching actual badge, when they were promoted to Serie A in 2001 for the first time. From that point onwards, it’s said that A.C. ChievoVerona were ‘The Flying Donkeys’.

The club’s blue-and-yellow crest features what, at first glance, appears to be a man who is a little… ‘overly excited’. But in fact, it is showcasing Cangrande I della Scala, a medieval lord of Verona.