As football fans, we are spoilt rotten. It’s everywhere. Blogs, shows, podcasts, magazines, newspaper articles, you name it, there are hundreds and thousands based solely on the beautiful game.

Box To Box was born from an obsession of Football Manager, leading to creating an amateur football team at University, and then struggling to find a job – so making one for myself.

I was drawn into the obsessive game in the 2002 World Cup. Living in Turkey at the time, the national team’s heroic underdog performances, on their way to the Semi Finals and a 3rd Placed finish captivated my interest.

I lived in a replica Umit Davala kit for the next six years, reliving Turkey’s performances in every football I kicked and every time I played.

My obsession then turned unhealthy after getting Championship Manager 03/04 as a Christmas present from my Arsenal obsessed dad. I played the game religiously over the next 12 seasons, spending countless hours and days glued to the game.

In 2012 I took the obsession further by starting a 6-a-side team at University, which then transformed into a near ill-fated 11-a-side team, Ivory Toast. Competing against other students in an intra-mural digs league, we struggled in our first season. Losing games 18-0, 19-0 and 22-0 were some of the highlights of that first year. A team revolt made things worse as some of the few players we did have left. With a few astute signings, bringing the squad to more than 11 players, we managed to finish the season on a high, drawing the last game of the season to pick up our only point in a 4-4 draw against rivals Borussia Teeth.

The team went onto win the Bowl next year, a play-off competition for the slightly worse teams. But Silverware nonetheless. Since finishing at University, the club has thrived, unbeaten so far in the 2015/16 season and in the Quarter Finals of the Cup.

I then found myself out of University, but struggling to find employment. My CV from my Football Manager experience, couldn’t get me a job as a Football Manager so I made my own team. Now, my CV from my life experience, can’t get me a job as a Football Journalist so I made my own job. I now step into this next phase of my life as a football writer who delivers pizzas in his free time.

With the help of other like minded writers, I aim to provide an honest independent voice for intelligent football supporters, giving the Football Supporter’s Eye View with contributors writing for the love of the game, offering both serious and humorous views of the sport.

We aim to cover most of the major topics that fans are likely to be talking about, whilst also bringing you interesting topics that you might have missed.

We are unashamedly obsessed with this sport, and hope that our articles reflect that.

So there we have it – Box To Box Football.