This programme was brought to you by 1 Shilling as part of The Away End. Curated by Matthew Caldwell, 1 Shilling is an exquisite collection of football programmes from a humbler time, with every single one carrying it's own unique story. The more Bovril stains, the better.

Preston North End vs. Nottingham Forest

4th January 1969 / FA Cup 3rd Round / Attd: 20,008 / Price: 1 Shilling / Printed by Mather Bros. Printers, One Garstang Road, Preston

The FA cup is back, with all it’s giant killings and pie-gate-palavas. 50 years ago, this gorgeously gold and electric blue programme helped Division 2 team Preston North End set the scene for a giant-killing of Division 1 side Nottingham Forest. Essentially a ‘shiny’ version of their standard league game programmes, this design has the feel of a rare Pokemon Card, but with more adverts for used motor car dealerships!