Alan Shearer, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard, Thiery Henry and David Beckham are some of the famous names associated with the Premier League in the past. We have come a long way since then. The Premier League then has been in a fairly steady decline in almost all aspects, be it the management, tactics, player development or the discipline.

There was a time when David Beckham was asked to shave his head by Sir Alex Ferguson for sporting a specific haircut. It was all about discipline first, even if it is your star player. There have been too many scandals and social network arguments between players recently. Nowadays, it seems like the players have started giving significant importance to other things apart from training.

Every now and then I wonder while watching a match, “Why couldn’t a professional football player like him make that pass accurately, if not accurately, somewhere close?” With the exception of a few players, some of the so called stars do not really justify their price tag. Of course we all make mistakes, but it is crucial to learn from your mistakes. We are not keen to watch Sterling’s skills all the time or Sturridge hold the ball instead of making a pass, and it frustrates to see Giroud waste Ozil’s passes. When your defenders give their all and win a ball, when your midfield works hard and creates a play, you shouldn’t be missing the chance as a striker. That has a destructive effect on the entire team if it happens all the time. Where is the mental strength? What do they train for every day?

From a fan’s point of view, it seems like Premier League players easily lose their concentration and temperament during most of the games on the European stage. Once you’re a goal or two down, there is no more urge to win the game; in fact there is no more fight at all. It hardly happens anymore. Spanish teams have been dominating the European stage with so much ease. Except for the most faithful fans, people have stopped expecting an English team to win a tie against a Spanish team anymore. You can’t deny the fact that teams in other big leagues like PSG, Bayern Munich and Dortmund are more challenging than any of the Premier League sides. You can argue that the Premier league teams do not have the financial aid like other teams. But, we know that is not true. The most important reason behind this is the coach and the rock star behaviour of the players. You need to have a coach who punishes you for your mistakes; you need a coach who knows his players, who is confident of his tactics, who gives you the motivation and desire to win each and every game. Thankfully, such coaches are spending their time in England this season.

Furthermore, Premier League has made the best out of the recent summer transfer window. The arrival of Zlatan, Pogba, Mikhitaryan, Granit Xhaka, Leroy Sane, Gundogan will strengthen the league as a whole. The teams will be more competitive in the European stage. We frantically needed this. We have already seen the potential of the teams in the pre-season. Clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool gave us a hope that this season is going to be far more electrifying. Liverpool’s win over Barcelona is a great example. Mourinho and Pep Guardiola will face each other again. A tactical battle between Klopp and Mourinho can’t be neglected. These coaches are strong in the mind. They make decisions themselves, for the good of the team. Win or lose, they take the blame. For example, Mata came off seemingly furious after Mourinho took him off at the dying minutes of the game. Even though the player doesn’t like it, it seemed like a logical decision. Mourinho expected Leicester to play more directly and taking off the tallest players like Zlatan and Fellaini doesn’t make sense. In the end, when the team wins, everyone is happy. Winning automatically creates harmony in the team. With the best players and the best coaches in England, let’s intensify the rivalry for the good of the game.