There are two different types of ‘controversial’ characters in football: the renegades and the dimwits. We all love a renegade, players like Paolo Di Canio, Eric Cantona and Paul Gascoigne – players that are mad but pure genius when it comes to football. Then there are the, for lack of a better word, dimwits: Joey Barton, Ravel Morrison and, of course, Diego Costa.

Diego da Silva Costa (or the new Luis Suarez) never ceases to amaze me. He’s obviously a gifted footballer, I’d have him in my fantasy team and he would be one of the best forwards in the premier league IF he wasn’t such a sickening, over-aggressive, whining baby. Every single challenge and every single decision seems to involve Costa, regardless of whether or not he was initially involved but, when he is involved, he’s usually the culprit.

Diego Costa recently got his first red card in a Chelsea shirt

Diego Costa recently got his first red card in a Chelsea shirt

This has all been evident throughout the season, most recently against Everton in the FA Cup. I almost spat out my beer in shock when Mowbray said that the red card was his first in a Chelsea shirt!

For those that didn’t watch the game, Diego started by practically bundling Gareth Barry to the ground, he rolls around the floor for a few seconds, realises the decision has gone against him and proceeds to complain about it. He was lucky to get away with a yellow card, especially after aggressively confronting referee Michael Oliver and, soon after, spitting at his feet.

His second yellow was just completely moronic. You’ve obviously been fouled – deal with it, Barry gets a yellow card and you play on. Not Diego Costa though, oh no. He immediately confronts Gareth, pushing his face into him and seems to bite his neck. Why?! What made him think that was a good idea?! The thing that really got me was that, straight after the bite, Costa hugs it out with Barry! Remember when you used to play-fight with your sibling until someone actually got hurt and started crying? One of you would stop the other from telling Mum – that’s what it reminded me of.

I just don’t understand how Diego Costa has got away with this all season. He’s a violent, aggressive, waste of talent and it’s even got to a point where I just don’t want him in the Premier League anymore.

Maybe it all comes down to referee leniency. Apologies for sounding like a broken record, but why can’t referees be more harsh? The Premier League is being ruined by these players and I think it’s time the officials stamp down on the situation.