Across the country thousands of people will be involved in a Euro 2016 sweepstake with their colleagues and friends. A draw that randomly assigns you a team to follow throughout the tournament. With England’s inevitable failure and the rest of the home nations not forecast to go all that far it’s a good way to keep things interesting.

We’ve done the same at Box to Box and our writers will be bringing you previews of every game from the perspective of their adopted nation.

The much anticipated draw was made yesterday and here are the results:

Albania: Amber Marsh
Austria: Ben Delaney
Belgium: Jake Foxford
Croatia: Ben Delaney
Czech Republic: Scott Brotherton
England: Liz Manning
France: Jack Rodway
Germany: Aidan Slinn
Hungary: Matt Cowdock
Iceland: Francisco Cardoso Pinto
Italy: Ollie Marsh
Northern Ireland: Dean Laughton
Poland: Liz Manning
Portugal: Scott Brotherton
Republic of Ireland: Joe Proctor
Romania: Jed Woodcock
Russia: Aidan Slinn
Slovakia: Tom Clarke
Spain: Ollie Marsh
Sweden: Michael Oddie
Switzerland: Matt Cowdock
Turkey: Jack Rodway
Ukraine: Joe Proctor
Wales: Dan Eales

The first preview will come from Jed Woodcock this evening as he attempts to sneak away unnoticed from a wedding and catch his beloved Romania in action while Jack Rodway will be providing the perspective of hosts and tournament favourites France.