89cf4a23591414a0934fd33031fb3197Germany, one of the Euro 2016 favourites, won it’s opening game last night against Ukraine, and we will be looking at a German badge this week to learn more about one of the clubs in the famous Bundesliga. 1. FC Köln, often known as FC Cologne in England, are a German side competing in the Bundesliga. While many badges around the world feature an animal of some kind, I’d wager that not many of them feature a goat. I’d bet that even less of them feature said goat looking like it is trying to knock over the crest completely.

1. FC Köln are known as Die Geißböcke, which translates asThe Billy Goats’. Why? Well it turns out that the goat is an integral part of the club’s history, albeit via a curious turn of events. In 1950, just two years after the club had been formed, 1. FC Köln were given a goat by a travelling circus on the promise that the goat be made mascot of this new club. This particular goat was the kid of a stray that the circus had discovered on their way from Prague to Neustadt in Germany at the end of the Second World War. The club agreed and called the goat Hennes I, named after the club’s famous former player-coach Hennes Weisweiler. For 16 years he attended the home games of the team, and to this day a goat is synonymous with this German club. In fact, their website even writes in detail about the history of all the Billy Goats’ mascots over the years, right up to the present-day Hennes VIII who even has his own Facebook page where he is listed as a ‘Public Figure’ and has over 28,000 likes. Long may the Hennes name live through the goats of Germany’s 1. FC Köln!