Sticking Stateside after last week’s Portland offering, today we look at the Arizonian upstarts known as Phoenix Rising FC.

A new badge was adopted by the club late last year, and it acknowledges much in such a small area of space. The choice of a shield-like crest is a reference to the European routes of the beautiful game, where crests are commonplace on a football team’s shirt. This itself is a tradition dating back to medieval times, where crests on the battlefield would help distinguish friend from foe. Elsewhere the badge combines the City of Phoenix logo with a football to create a striking red symbol for the players to proudly wear on match day.

The team currently play in the second tier of the American Soccer Pyramid, but make no mistake: they have big ambitions. This was epitomised by the recent news that former Chelsea and Ivory Coast legend Didier Drogba was joining the club. And he hasn’t done it by half – Drogba has become an owner of the club, making him the world’s first player-owner in professional football history. It is another remarkable chapter in an already illustrious career.

The city was first named Phoenix as a new town which would spring from the ruins of a former civilization that had died out many centuries before. And now this football team hope to rise anew and conquer the sport in the USA. Only time will tell how high they will fly…