For football fans across the world, the waiting is almost over. Three days from now, the 2018 FIFA World Cup finally begins with Russia taking on Saudi Arabia. Looking at the 32 teams competing in the tournament, you will see one nation wearing a badge that is more striking than most others. It is the badge of the Korea Republic football team, also known as South Korea.

The most noticeable element of this country’s crest is, of course, the tiger. Other countries have called the South Korean national team the “tiger of Asia”, for its courage and passion. The tiger is an animal that is feared, but it also symbolises greatness and strength. So it’s fair to say that this animal, respected amongst the Korean people, is a sensible choice for their football team – conveying a strong and intimidating image for the team from the outset.

The colour of the badge meanwhile is predominantly blue (an eco-friendly colour emblematic of hope, youth and activism). However, along the thin outer borders you can also see white (representing pure sportsmanship) and gold (representing strength and solidity).

South Korea start their campaign against Sweden on June 18th, before taking on Mexico and Germany in one of the toughest groups in the tournament. But with talented players like Son Heung-min at their disposal, this South Korea team could cause any side a few problems this summer.