This programme was brought to you by 1 Shilling as part of The Away End. Curated by Matthew Caldwell, 1 Shilling is an exquisite collection of football programmes from a humbler time, with every single one carrying it's own unique story. The more Bovril stains, the better.

Brighton and Hove Albion vs. Chesterfield

31st August 1974

When I first found this programme, I was baffled by the dolphin on the front cover, and not a bast**d ice cream pitching seagull. Rumour has it though, that during a game against rivals Crystal Palace, the away support were heard chanting the famous ‘eagles, eagles’. Of course, Brighton responded directly with ‘seagulls, seagulls’ — and in 1977 the name had stuck, so much so that they amended their badge once more.